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Tel: (54) 11-4342-3513 // Fax: (54) 11-4342-5880

Tel: (54) 11-4342-3513
Fax: (54) 11-4342-5880

Customs Services


Costs, councelling and import´s strategies.

Delivery of final import.

Delivery of temporary import with or without transformation. 

Samples and parcels. 

Unaccompanied baggage. 

Control prior to importation to prevent or to amend documentation errors.

Transits, transshipments and split shipments.

Copies of Deposit.

Free Zone

Banking operations at all stages (letters of credit, collections, transfers, etc. 

Hiring domestic and international transport. 

Hiring domestic and international insurance.

Custody of goods.

Registrations and filings: in the Secretary of Commerce, DGA, SENASA, IASCAV, ANMAT, WIRELESS, RNA, INTI, RNE, RNPA RENAR etc.


Costs, councelling and export´s strategies.

Full export permits. 

Temporary export permits or after processing.

Samples and parcels. 

Preparation of export documents (commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, etc.).  

Transits and split shipments. 

Banking operations at all stages (letters of credit, collections, transfers, etc.).

Hiring domestic and international transport 

Reserve holds, consolidation. 

Hiring domestic and international insurance. 

Custody of goods. 

Registrations and filings with the DGA, IASCAV, ANMAT, INAL, ARN, INTI, RNE, RNPA, RENAR, etc